Why Men Won’t Talk About Their Mental Health

Modern Man is at Risk as Studies show around 40% of men will not talk about their mental health to anyone.

You Heard us 40% of men won’t talk about their mental health

mens mental health you are not alone

For some time now June has been known as mens Mental Health Month, it’s a time where men are encourage to actively look into problems and issues they may be having as outlined below:

June 1–8 | Prostate Cancer
June 9 –15 | Erectile Dysfunction/Infertility
June 16–22 | Bladder Cancer, Testicular Cancer & Kidney Cancer
June 23–30 | BPH, Prostatitis, Incontinence & Nocturia

There also has been the introduction of Movemeber which is held in, you guessed it November and it’s in aid of helping to battle prostate and testicular cancer. So there is already occasions for modern man to open up but recent studies show they are still not getting invloved.

Here are the recent figures we were shown via an independent poll:

  • 77% of men polled have or are suffering Stress, Depression or Anxiety. 
  • The Main Issues men have are with work, finance and health.
  • A Large portion of men asked admitted that their mental health is having a negative impact on their relationships, parenting skills and their work performance.
  • The most worrying of all is that 40% of men said they would only get help if they had thoughts or suicide. Which by then may be too late to get help.

This can be a real problem as men are not seeking the help they need sooner and before you know it you are heading for a dark abyss with no help in sight. This is one of the main problems men have, it’s opening up that seems to be a real struggle, we see this every day as the barber shop. We have even gone down the route of training our staff to ensure they have some specialist help in dealing with and looking for signs of concern.

Here are some of the questions asked in this independent poll:

  • What do you feel causes the most pressure in your life?
  • When you are having a bad day, what effects you the most?
  • Have you talked to anyone about your mental health?
  • For what reason have you not talked about your mental health?
  • Would you talk to a professional about your mental health?

Men Feel More Open To Their Partners

the demon barber shop mens mental health care

The results that were gathered showed that around 66% of those questions felt that they would share their emotions, concerns and feelings with their partner, before confiding in anyone else. This at least shows that some Men are seeking the help they need but there is still a large portion of men that are not seeking that help.

So Why Do You Think Men Are Not Seeking Help?

mens health mental help

Well we felt this was a very important question to ask so we arrange our own personal poll in regards to this and asked online and in store. The results were a bit worrying to say the least. The “take it on the chin” is the general feeling we are getting here, below is a few of the responses we received:

  • “I have learnt to cope with it”
  • “I Don’t Want to Cause a Fuss”
  • “I’m too embarrassed”
  • “I feel I Will be judged” (negative stigma)
  • “I don’t want people or my family to think I am Weak or a failure”
  • “I don’t have anyone to talk to”

These responses are all too common and we have heard them countless times. We have seen a gradual improvement over the years but there is still issues out there. From the above comments we feel that a large portion of men would rather hide their emotions, problems and feelings instead of opening up. This might be down to the stigma of a weak man or perhaps just not wanting to reveal your weaknesses as it’s frowned upon. We are men here at the demon barber shop real big, hairy and sometimes scary men but all of us here know that if there is ever an issue we just sit down with a pint or whatever your favorite drink is and chat it out. Sometimes it helps to know you have a close friend that can help you in them dark times, who knows they may even have a similar issue to the one your having and we all know the saying “two heads are better than one”. So get together, open up and chat.

Around a quarter of men asked in our independent survey said that they would not feel comfortable speaking to someone about their mental health even a GP. The general comment was that they were worried it will waste their time. They are not valuing their own worth as an individual.

We always tell our clients and friends that if you ever have the slightest issue when it comes to your mental health that you really do need to open up. Now more than ever. A doctor will not see you as a waste of time. You will be surprised to know that all doctor’s will spend around 30% of their time dealing with psychological issues.

Men’s Health Main Concerns are Work Related, Stress and Money!

speak up mens mental health

Those question were asked about the biggest pressures in their life. Not surprisingly work came trumps. This was quickly followed by Money and lastly health. Let’s face it broken a toe? dislocated shoulder? deep cut? or that strange lump? yeah hold it off for as long as you can but Money and work? must get that sorted asap. Come on guys! Health is first! no matter what, the issues mentioned could become life threatening even a broken tow could lead to something much worse. So you need to prioritize and get your health on track you won’t be use to anyone let alone yourself dead.

Another issue we noticed that a large portion of men, especially those who would be classed as middle age were worried about the cost of the holidays. Worrying if they had enough cash to pay for costs and trips. It seems to us that Men In general hate letting people down and it’s coming at a huge price it’s hitting here health hard.

So Why Should You Talk About Your Mental Health?

Why Men Won't Talk About Their Mental Health

Let’s face it Men Make up around 40% of patients treated for mental health issues like depression and anxiety issues so it is quite a large scope to deal with. Not to mention when you throw in the numbers from our own poll to find out 40% of men asked would only ask for help when they felt suicidal. As we mentioned before at that point it can be too late as a study found that men who try to commit suicide normally don’t get another chance to try again. So it’s important that they get help before getting to this stage, this goes for Women too all life is equal let’s not forget that.

The good news in this dark post is that 60% of the people we asked have talked to someone about their mental health this being their partners. So this is a clear indication that help starts at home. We need families and friends to be more open with one another and to realize opening up is not weak. If you are having money issues talk to someone, friends can help, family can debt lines are available. Problem at work? find another job! marital issues go to councilling most importantly talk, talk and talk!

We do hope you take this information home with you and learn to be more open about your emotions and mental health. Don’t feel judged if you do you might want to just change your social circles and if you really can’t talk to anyone see the doctor that’s what they are for!

If you do have any suicidal thoughts you can contact the following charities:

America: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

UK: https://www.samaritans.org/

If you have any issues or concerns you can always get in touch with us and throw us a line we might be able to have a short chat with you.

Kind regards, Todd

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