Which Beard Oils are Good For My Beard Our TOP 4

Struggling to find the perfect beard oil? well we take the effort out of it! Not all oils were created equal!

Not a single day goes by where one of our customers does not ask that simple yet in depth question “which beard oil do you recommend“. We would normally just point to the product shelf and ask the customer what they like the look of. Let’s face it we are all different and all have our own set of preferences also you may have allergies or skin irritations to think of. Much more than the average man should need to be worrying about. So sit back relax and read through this article, let us help you have more of an understanding as to which beard oil might be best for your beard.

Weather you have the most beautiful beard hair on the planet or perhaps a little scraggly beard that is growing as wild as Tom Hanks was in Cast Away well we are here to help! Always room for improvement.

Beard oil can help provide your facial hair with all the nutrients it requires to grow healthy and strong. Not to mention it’s a great way to tame and style those wild beards out of there.

Can’t be bothered reading? Well check out our Top 4 products! You may see something you like! Full reviews on beard oils at bottom of page.

Top 4 Beard Oils (Our Picks)

Honest Amish ClassicMade with some pretty high grade ingredients. No greasy residue like other beard oils, also lasts for a while.Buy Here
Honest Amish PremiumWith a Mild Scent that relieves itch and irratiation what’s not to love? Oh did we mention it speeds up beard growth?Buy Here
RangerWhat’s that Scent? The smell of your own beard! That’s right this oil is unscented. It absorbs quickly, soften and tames the beard. Perfect for those looking for an unscented oil.Buy Here
Viking RevolutionWith it’s simple application and it’s ability to tame and smooth the beard. Did we mention it fights dandruff? Bearddruff begone!Buy Here

Let’s all remember guys beards are always trendy, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is or where about’s in the world you come from! They are manly. Love them or hate them beards are here to stay! But if beards are not your thing why not learn how to wet shave like a pro? But for those who are beard obsessed please do read on!

The main issue we have with beards is growing and taming them. These things take time and sometimes it can take weeks for you to even notice an obvious change this is why we have laid out some tips on how to grow your beard. Learn from the best. A well-kempt and properly groomed beard can be the best thing a man can do these days with the rise in popularity of well kept beards!

Whatever your feeling towards your facial hair is, starting to grow your beard is only half the battle, the rest is maintenance and care. Which can be quite involved at times, but we promise you it’s worth it! This is why beard oil is our number 1 best friend.

So What is Beard Oil (Do Keep Up)

Ok, we are assuming you know what beard oil is. It’s not rocket science now is it? It’s oil for your beard, no not motor oil, let’s call it beard food? Kind of like when your growing plants or kids for that matter your going to need to feed them, well just like you, your beard needs feeding too and this comes in the form of nutrients via beard oils

Best Beard oils on line what is the best beard oil for my beard

Whatever style of beard you have or wish to adapt into you will need the help of a good quality bead oil. Beard oil will help nourish and tame a beard so it can be tamed into a well groomed beard. Looking for a rugged look? or perhaps an upper class well kept beard, well let beard oil be your best friend!

Beard oil is not just only for the morning, it can also be used throughout the day. It is great to tame and keep your beard well behaved and most importantly healthy. Just like brushing your teeth it can easily be squeezed into your daily routine. Just one bottle, if use correctly should last you some time so don’t overkill it. Once you get the hang of it, it soon becomes second nature where you won’t remember life without it.

So, What Does Beard Oil Do?

If you have just started growing your beard out and you are growing through those awkward first steps (you know patch beard etc) or if you have a full grown beard, then beard oil will still be helpful to both cases! Do not ignore the beard oil.

Why? You may ask, well it keeps your hair fed, moisturized and of course under control. It doesn’t matter what stage of growth your beard is at im sure all of your know the dreaded beard itch. Awful, itchy and not to meantion beardruff, it’s not good it can turn a great beard into a scraggly strange one. Bearddruff is casued from dry skin, your beard sucks out a hell of alot of moisture out of your skin to help it grow and thirve. You need to replace the lost nutrients and the best way to do this is with beard oil.

best beard oils for your beard

By applying beard oil to your skin every morning and evening you will feed your beard and the skin surrounding the beard. This will eliminate dryness, itchiness and of course bearddruff (flaky skin) leaving you with a soft, great looking beard.

We don’t need to go all scientific here. It just work so get yourself to a shop or go online and grab that beard oil. You will notice the difference in now time.

How do I know it’s Good Beard Oil

What to look out for when purchasing beard oil

Now that you are up to scratch on what beard oil is and what it does you are fast on your way to getting hold of some beard oil that compliments your beard. So your next question must be? How do I know if this is good beard oil?

Let’s face it not all beard oils are created equal and some beard oils will be horrible for your beard and not to mention your skin, so how do we find the best beard oil for our beards?

It’s important for you to find a high quality product, none of that cheap stuff full of junk but it doesn’t have to cost the earth, confused? Some of the best products on the market that cost big bucks may not be great for you individually we are all different. Some products may not agree with your facial hair or skin. So take note of any allergies you have or any skin conditions. Pay close attention to what is on the label and chose wisley.

Here is a quick list of ingredients to look for when chosing your beard oil. Beard oils will have a carrier oil which is the general “lube” with essential oils added to it to feed the beard.

Carrier oils

Here is a few carrier oils you will find in most beard oils

Jojoba oil , Argan oil, Grape Seed, Almond oil, Castor oil some have been known to use olive oil too.

Essential Oils

Pretty much all beard oils on the market contain essential oils they are put in there to help feed and tame the beard. You need to really understand your skin before investing in a beard oil with essential oils as we are all different and what might be right for one man will not be right for another.

Some people have allergies or skin irritations so it would be best to test a few oils first on a small scale to ensure that nothing flares up. Here is a few to look out for:

Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Pinewood, Fir Needle, Cedarwood, Sandalwood

How To Use Beard Oil

Applying beard oil is very simple so there is no excuse to not apply at least once a day.

The best routine to follow is once you get up wash your facial hair with a gentle scrub use some beard shampoo then towel dry your face. Once done get a bit of beard oil rub it into your hands and then through your beard, start from the base outwards, a little goes a long way. That’s all there is too it, practice makes perfect.

How Much Beard Oil Should I Use

This depends on how big your beard is a few drops should good fora small beard and up to 5-6 drops for a larger beard. The more you repeat this process the more you gain an understanding of yoru beard and how much beard oil to use. The only time you need to adjust is during the winter when your beard may get dried out quicker so you might want to add an extra drop or two. This will aid in keeping your beard tame.

How Often and When Should You Use Beard Oil

We always recommend our clients to use their beard oil twice a day. Once in the morning and a 2nd time in the evening an hour or two before you go to bed.

Applicators Used in Beard Oils

This isn’t bottle of olive oil even though some beard oils may use it. So there are specific applicators to help ensure your apply oil to your beard. You would not want to pour oil all over your hands you need “control” and this control comes in the form of applicators.

The three most common applicators used in oils are the following:

  • Dropper
  • Pump
  • Restrictor valve

Personally we prefer the dropper. It’s much easier to control the amount of oil your using and you can control the drops. Some restrictor valves are useless and you spend more time shaking oil out of the bottle and pumps, well you just waste the oil

Please note that the color of the bottle your product comes in does matter. Most amber bottles have UV protection so they normally have a longer shelve life. We are unsure as to why not all companies use these types of bottles as they are inexpensive but I guess it’s a design issue for some. We have seen blue, green and red bottles before.

Our Top 4 Beard Oils (Reverse order ofc!)

4. Viking Revolution Beard Oil

Itchy beard? Well why not try Viking Revolution Beard Oil made with 100% natural, organic ingredients.

This product is suitable for all beard types no matter the color length or style it is also unscented, which is great for those looking for a scent free product.

The two main ingredients are Argan and jojoba oil both are known as great beard conditioners.

If you want a frizz free manageable beard this product is for you. But remember to only add a few drops. A little goes a far way with this beard oil.

This beard oil feels a little thinner than most oils so it might get a bit of getting used to but don’t worry in just a few uses you will see how softer your beard has become also this oil helps get rid of bearddruff.

We love this product because it also uses the preferred dropper cap! easier to apply.

Viking Revolution Beard Oil


  • Natural oils
  • Unscented
  • Affordable
  • Dropper cap


  • Little bit thin, watery
  • Can dry out the beard

3. Ranger Grooming Co. Fragrance Free Oil

Unrully dull beard? Itchy, irritation and bearddruff? How about slow growth? Well maybe Ranger Grooming Co. Beard Oil by Leven Rose. Might just be the beard oil your looking for.

This beard oil will take care of all your beard complaints and keep your skin feeling fresh all day. You may be surprised that this product only contains two ingredients and has no fillers or all that other junk but still provides such a great end product.

This product is stores in a amber glass bottle to extend it’s shelve life. Vegan friendly and fragrance free. We need to point out that it’s best to groom your beard first and then apply the oil as it does soak up quite fast. Make sure to only apply small amounts as this is a thicker oil than usual.

Ranger Grooming Co. Fragrance Free Beard Oil


  • Two natural ingredients that soak quickly
  • Stored in an amber bottle
  • Unscented
  • It is vegan-friendly if that’s your thing


  • Small bottle
  • Not much bang for your buck

2.Honest Amish Classic

If you have ever grown a full beard I am pretty sure you will have heard of Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil. It’s one of the most well known beard oil brands on the market. Made with 7 organic oils as well as 7 essential oils perfect for covering all corners on making your beard all it can be.

All the ingredients are100% organic. To name a few are avocado, jojoba, sweet almond, virgin pumpkin seed. The smells quite potent and unique to the company not for everyone, recommended to try and get a sample first. Some love it as it’s got a manly smell others find it not too pleasent. We love it.

This beard oil will make your beard looking smooth, soft and tame. Gets rid of bearddruff. Honest Amish classic beard oil is great for people just starting off growing a beard as it helps stop irritation at those early stages.

Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil


  • Made with 7 premium organic oils and 7 essential oils
  • Quick absorbing
  • No greasy beard
  • Large bottle more bang for your buck


  • Can be an overpowering smell
  • avoid if your allergic to nuts

1.Honest Amish Premium

Of course this is just like the classic oil mix. But of course a more premium product. Honest Amish Premium requires less oil to achieve the same results as the classic version it also has a much more bearable scent for some people.

No greasy and wet feeling, only a slightly oily feeling, due to this being a quick absorbing product that feeling will soon go.

With 10 premium ingredients that work on your beards health and making it more tame and softer you will feel more comfortable using this premium beard oil. Reliving irritation and itchiness that you normally get with beard growth.

Honest Amish Premium Beard Oil


  • 10 organic and natural ingredients
  • Absorbs quickly without looking greasy or wet
  • Much more lighter scent


  • Bit pricey
  • Some people have issues with beard staining

Final Words

Growing a beard has it’s ups and downs and at times it can be a right pain to maintain but we promise you if you really want a great beard stick with it. Finding the right products for your beard are unique to you and it can take a few goes to find the perfect product. As we have said many times before what might be good for me may not be good for you.

We have provided you with 4 top products for you to try thought if you are having issues with bearddruff and an itchy dry beard. You do not need to purchase these products we have listed. We have just listed our top 4 that we would recommend to our clients.

So get out there and try some beard oil products and try to find the one you love!

Regards, Todd

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