New to wet Shaving Learn How to Wet Shave Like a Pro

How to Perform the Perfect Wet Shave. Avoid the TOP 5 Mistakes When Wet Shaving.

Is this your first time? New to wet shaving, no experience, no help just a bowl full of water and a brand new razor. You begin to shave and a slash here, cut here, pull here ouch! No good. You consider waiting a few years till the beard grows out… 

Enough, don’t wait around read through our helpful guide on how to wet shave properly and you can go pick up that razor again and give it another go! 

Wet Shaving Mistake #1: Neglecting The Pre-Game Warmup 

wet shaving like a pro

Well you wouldn’t do it any other time now would you so make sure you get the warmup right. Imagine going out to do some hard graft and you have not warmed up first? Accident waiting to happen. To ensure a great finish you have to start off right. 

Just like the majority of tasks, preparation is key so it is important that you get this step right. This is the first step before you begin wet shaving so let’s ensure you are on the correct path. 

Let’s face it majority of us guys are lazy, we don’t shy away from it and hap hazardly get stuff done. Well let me be the first to tell you prepping before shaving is simple and easy to achieve. Shaving should not be rushed so take some time to relax. 

If you are too busy to shave we recommend you grow a beard then complain about maintenance, if like me you like to be cut throat clean then read on! 

You may not be aware of this but facial hair pretty strong a lot stronger and rougher than normal body hair. Because of this it is important to try to soften your facial hair before attempting a wet shave, failure to do so ends up in hairs being pulled, struggling to cut smoothly and just an overall bad experience. 

To start with we recommend you wash your face first the type of product you use is your call (we do however recommend a facial scrub don’t use body scrubs!) but make sure you use warm water and give it a good scrub aim for around 5 minutes if you can (we didn’t say this was a rush job!). The warm water will open up your skin pores allow for nature’s own lube (skin oil) to allow less friction when shaving your face. 

If you still have issues when shaving it would be a good idea to use a product that is specifically aimed at pre-shaving it might cost a little bit extra but it might be a good choice for certain facial hair types. 

Wet Shaving Mistake #2: Not Respecting the Foam 

Never underestimate the power of shaving foam, it was created for a reason so you better be using it! You can use other items like soaps and oils but we prefer good old foam so lather up! If you don’t refuse to lather up it’s heading for an instant shaving fail. You’re going to get cuts nicks and have a pretty bad time. Sure, if you have been shaving for 30 years you can shave without it, but why would you want to? 

It’s worthwhile to note rough and strong stubble requires more effort and a few extra strokes to clear, you will get used to the dynamics of your face and will know the one or two stubborn issues you have. This can all be made much easier with the use of shaving foam, lube will help the razor glide across your face with much more ease than without. 

The number one reason to use shaving foam is to allow a protective barrier to coat your face between razor and skin, no one likes to cut themselves, so make sure you use the foam every time. 

wet shaving with shaving foam

So now all you need to know is how to apply shaving foam? Why do you want us to tell you, flip the can around, instructions at the back! If you can’t read all you need to do is put your hand out flip open the lid and spray into your hard. Now rub the foam on your face like your trying to make a beard out of foam. Your good to go, practice makes perfect. 

Wet Shaving Mistake #3: Using your Razor like a Knife Wrong Positioning 

Incorrect shaving either the wrong way or the incorrect angle is going to cause issues. Most people cut themselves shaving because they are shaving at the incorrect angle. To high it’ll cut deep too low and it’ll just take the foam off your face.  

We are not going to get too technically here at The Demon Barber Shop but let’s just say the perfect angle is 30 degrees give or take depending on your face. Let’s face it we are all different. 

Standard disposal razor

Now finding the perfect angle for an inexperienced shave is quite difficult. SO, we recommend you invest in certain razors that automatically pivot and adjust easily to your face. 

Now if your using cheaper razors there is a trick to getting the perfect shape. Start by putting the razor towards your face at a 90-degree angle then slowly but gently roll it down to 30 degrees, you will feel the hair smoothly to cut in one swoop. If it’s struggling to cut or rough chances are you are at the wrong angle or your facial hair is like bears hair. 

ensure your wet razor is clean between strokes

Just remember to taunt the skin when needed, you know pulling those funny faces to stretch out the skin, works wonders. Let the blade do the work, no need to pivot your wrists. 

Wet Shaving Mistake #4: Far Too Much Pressure 

Look let’s face it us guys like to be tough, flexing, lifting etc but when it comes to pressure while shaving you don’t need to go full force! As we have said before let the blade do the work. Your heading for skin irritations and the risk of cuts to your face. 

Even experienced veterans and shaving with leather skin and able to light matches with their stubble still have to be careful with excess pressure when wet shaving. 

Majority of blokes make the mistake of either putting a ton of pressure in one area or over stroking with their razor expecting to get the same result even when using a blunt razor. This can be extremely dangerous when you opt for using a cut throat or straight razor. 

Overcoming bad habbits and knowing when it is best to replace blades are key to avoid cutting yourself. 

Every mans face is different and what is right for one bloke won’t be ok for another, so get to know your face. The blade barely needs to be held against your face to cut properly, if it does your using some bum cheap blades. Store own branded blades are one to avoid. You then should be able to glide the blade against your face with little resistance. 

As for how many strokes well 99.9% of the time don’t do it more than twice you shouldn’t need to but to be fair my chin is a stubborn one and can take a 3rd sometimes a 4th to get that clean look. Like we have said, get to know your face! Make sure your strokes are short and don’t overlap.  

This is why shaving foam is great once it’s gone and clean you should have done the job correct! If not check your angle! If you need to again reapply foam or else your shaving naked again. 

Wet Shaving Mistake #5: Shaving Against the Grain On Your First Pass 

Never heard of grain before? Not heard of “going against the grain”? Well it’s just a word used for the natural growth direction of your facial hair. If your unfamiliar with this all you need to do is stroke your facial hair. Go back and forth and you will see which side is smoother. 

Shaving with the grain is the perfered choice as there is less resistance and less chance of cutting. But if you want a real close shave cut with the grain and on your last cut, cut against it this allows you to go close to the surface of your skin. But these can cause skin irritations. To avoid this, wash your razor after every glide and try to be lathered up as best as you can to avoid any razor burns or unnecessary cuts. 

If your facial hair has grown quite a bit sometimes it might be best to use an electrical razor first to shave to stumble before you begin a wet shave. It can be quite painful with cheap razors to shave a beard so always buy premium.

Wet Shaving Fails – Final Notice 

Not so hard is it? Wet shaving is pretty simple as long as you take precautions whilst shaving. With the correct attitude, skill and caution you will be shaving like the rest of us in no time. Just remember these key rules. 

  1. Always Prep before a wet shave 
  2. Respect the Foam, use it! 
  3. Let the razor do the work – correct angle, less pressure. 
  4. Shaving against the grain, only if you want a really close shave 

Now go back in that bathroom and pick up that razor and give it another go!  If your struggling to find disposable razors why not check out this list oh and id buy them in a store not online if you can that is.

Regards, Todd 

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