The Demon Barber Shop: Modest Male Grooming

the demon barber shop

Welcome to the Demon Barber Shop!

Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life, today you are going to aim to be the best man you can be! With the help from The Demon Barber Shop we will advise you on health, style and general male grooming.

In today’s society nothing  has become more important than our mental health, we already health freaks and living much older so it’s time to focus on the mind and try to heal some of the damage that has been caused through neglect.

Here at the Demon Barber Shop we cover many fields from modest male grooming to improving your mental health. So why not join us in the journey to becoming the best version of you!

What can I expect from The Demon Barber Shop

  • Honest Male Advice:
    • That’s right guys, we are not here for the clicks or the views, or the fake BS you find online. We are real mean sharing real advice. You can chose to except it or ignore it.
  • A Honest Approach to becoming a better you!
    • Some things we talk about are honest and hard hitting you may not like what we say but this information is for everyone and sometimes you just have to open up and accept the facts. We all have our vices, drugs, sex, food and rock and roll..
  • Grooming Tips for all types
    • Let’s face it modern men are being forced to be doppelgangers, because that’s what women want? BS that’s what certain women want! Trust us, there is someone out there for everyone we just need polishing off a little. So wether your tall, small, wide or thin we have the right guides for you!
  • The Right Styles for you!
    • We are not into the cat walk, awful. So we give you the best choices of clothes that “normal” people wear!
  • Mental Health
    • It’s time we all talked about it, so let’s open up read some of our articles and why not share some of your own emotions.

We do hope you enjoy The Demon Barber Shop and why not stay around for a while and get to know the gang.

Regards, Todd