Love Gaming, then you’re going to love amiibo cards

Here at the Demon Barber Shop we love gaming and amiibo cards are perfect for gaming on the go.

zelda amiibo cards

Here at The Demon Barber Shop we love gaming and gaming on the go is a priority so we do love the Nintendo Switch. The only issue we have is that a lot of games on the market require the purchase of amiibo figures, don’t get me wrong they look pretty good. But they are a bit of a pain to carry around. This is where the creation of the amiibo card came into effect. There is amiibo card for every amiibo on the market to date.

Get a Hair Cut Whilst Gaming

There comes many times throughout the day where you just want to sit back relax and squeeze in a little bit of gaming. We play them all Super Smash bros., Zelda etc! you name it we have it! One of the benefits of coming to our shop is that we have a few switches lying around and our customers get to play them while they wait. Why do we do this? to socialise to talk to one another heck we even play games with one another on our break. Why wouldn’t you? Like we mentioned in our post about why men won’t talk about their mental health it’s good to create an environment where fellow men can get together and have a chat, and what better way over a game of smash?

custom made zelda amiibo cards tin

amiibo cards have made our switch experience easier

One of the main issues we stumbled across when we first started introducing gaming in our shop, is some games require the use of amiibo figures. Let’s face it there isn’t much room in the shop to put them all on the shelves, not to mention having to get a few down every time someone wanted a scan. So we got in touch with mr amiibo and asked him if he could make some up for us to let our customers play wait. They were a great success. Majority of our customers did not even know this kind of stuff existed until we showed them. We even had some custom tins made up with our own business artwork on the front. They look pretty good and when they fall off the counter they don’t break! that tin is damn strong.

So yeah, we are very pleased with our custom made amiibo cards and the custom zelda amiibo cards look and feel great and we have had nothing but praise for our gaming in store style of business. So you can get your hair cut, beard trimed, have a chat and even game a little all at the demon barber shop!

We would like to thank mr amiibo for his zelda amiibo cards and also really appreciate the leather embosed design you made for our counter mats. I didn’t know you could hide tags in them. In genius idea! Worth every penny.

Regards, Todd

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