How to Look the Part (In The Office)

learn to look the part in the office

Let’s face it we spend a large amount of time in our lives at our workplace, it’s pretty much or second home. A large majority of people will work within an office. Weather this is part time, full time or just now and again, it is important for you look the part. Stand out from the crowd and feel great at the same time. You can add some of these points to your day to day attire to make you feel a bit better about yourself.

Please note not all of our style choices are for everyone and we have adopted a more general approach to the fact that everyone is different and “How to look the part” can have many different meanings for people, hence why this article is aimed at the every day office worker. It’s more of a general view of how to make your feel and look better in the work place.

Wearing the same smart suite every day to the office isn’t a sin and to be fair the majority of people will do this for a good few years of their life. But, it’s pretty boring right? Why not add some style to your attire or a few tweaks and changes that might make you stand out more. It’s worth while to know that there has been some tests on certain attire at work and looking the part might actually help you get that raise your after, so win win situation right? Looking like everyone else makes you seem easily replaceable, this is the last thing we want. So follow some of our helpful tips and let us know if it has made an impact for you.

create a unique style

Let’s Mix it Up A Little

little changes to compliment your look

Now if you wear a matching suite every day of your work life your sure to set fire to any individuality you have and become just another face in the crowd. It’s more creative for you to mix things up a little. You will be surprised as to how much you can achieve from so little.

It is very important to make sure you stick to tailored pieces don’t wear a full suite and replace the jacket for a biker jacket, that may stand out a mile off but it will for sure raise a few eyebrows. Try mixing up blazers, suit jackets or perhaps a different color pair of trousers. If pulled off right can look very modern and stylish and add a bit of character to your attire.

You Don’t Have To Stick With A White Shirt

be the best version of you

Shock horror that office staple the “white shirt” does not have to be the standard in the work place. Personally I never really got the white shirt and would always opt for a black one if I could. I don’t know why, I just love the black look with red compliments.

This change up is pretty simple, rule of thumb is to pick any color, any color at all as long as it’s not white. This is a personal statement on what you like to wear it can be blue, green, red, pink (Salmon) or whatever color you like. Be experimental, some colors of course work better than others and in certain circumstances it might be best to go for a more subtle color than something garish and bold.

You can also add a tad more character through patterning. There are plenty of different shirts available on the market and some offer a unique patterning. We could sit here all day explaining different types but the guys over at gentleman’s gazette does a great job of filling you in on the details.

Add A Bit Of Color

add some color

If you happen to be in your office right now take a look around, if not picture your office in your head. What do you see? Black, grey, blue even white, quite boring isn’t it? If you want to stand out and be remembered then a bit of color is the way to go.

It is best to start of small, for example a tie, handkerchief in your pocket or perhaps even a scarf. This instantly picks you out from the crowd and can be a great talking piece.

Once you become comfortable with color then the sky is the limit. Heck you could even wear a bright suite if that’s your thing. Just make sure it fits, we are not a fan of these ultra tight suites people are wearing. It looks awfully silly.

Get Yourself A Trade Mark

get yourself a trade mark

Let’s face it no one can be Youer than you, pardon our English. So the best way to let everyone know how individual you are is with your very own trade mark.

A Trade Mark can be a wide range of things, a talking piece for example a time piece like a pocket watch or a plain standard watch. Heck even a scarf or perhaps a unique hair style. Some people may chose to have a unique signature scent. The choice is yours just pick something that makes you more you.

Detail, Detail, Detail!

it is all in the detail

It’s all in the Detail. It’s strange how small yet unusual details can add to your look to help compliment your style. We know how over used and popular cell phones are, we just can’t avoid them they are everywhere but it looks pretty daft when someone keeps pulling it out of their pocket every 5 seconds to check the time. Why not go with the details here and grab yourself a watch. It screams punctuality and time keeping, two great strengths to have in the work place and of course is much easier to check without creating a scene.

But take note here it “less is more”. The odd bit of color here and there and the added extra is great but if your cluttering yourself and your outfit with far too many accessories or what you have deemed to be essential your going to look a mess. You will not look stylish and different you will just look cluttered and messy.

Start Grooming

Let’s face it you can spend countless hours perfecting the perfect outfit. But if you have a scruffy beard or unkempt hair this will make all your hard work and effort pointless. You do not have to look perfect but a bit of grooming can go a long way. Perhaps you might want to start growing a beard like a pro or perhaps learn to wet shave properly to look a bit more presentable.

There is plenty of famous people out there that adopt a hair cut or style and stick with it that’s because it works. Why change something that’s not broken? Fix your grooming style and if it works for you stick with it. Don’t be that guy who keeps changing their style every 5 minutes, it’s odd, weird and comes across flaky.

Strangely Enough People Love Socks

socks can be a talking piece

It’s strange because growing up for us was socks are to keep your feet warm and for the love of god do not wear white socks. If you don’t know why then we are not going to explain it was just a no go. Strangely enough in today’s world people love socks. They are a modern day fashion statement.

The only tip we can give you is let’s say if you have red compliments on your suite why not wear red socks? They can be patterned red or even full red socks. But don’t get character socks you know the kinds kids wear. Why? Isn’t it obvious we are not children anymore, bed socks sure, but work socks. Don’t be crazy now. We don’t recommend mixing colors either so if your compliments are red don’t wear blue socks or and a definite faux pas is odd socks, it’s not smart it’s not fun it’s strange and looks like you got dressed in the dark.

Embrace and Love Winter

embrace and love winter

With Autumn just creeping up on us, Winter is just around the corner. You might be thinking of the short days, long nights and even the brutal cold. But there is something to look forward to. A whole new attire. Scarves, gloves, hats and even umbrellas are a great way to add a bit of style to your outfit.

A lot of people don’t chose to wear scarves as they can be a bit fiddly unflattering and some people might consider girly. But you may or may not know that scarves have been around for donkeys years. They were even used as an insignia for certain military ranks. So if you chose the right one it can really compliment your whole look. Heck even a styled umbrella personally I know it’s kinda childish but I love the samurai, war sword umbrella handles they are great!

Get More Than One Pair of Shoes

Buy more than one pair of shoes

We do not want you to become a horder far from it. But we do recommend you own more than 1 pair of shoes. To be fair it would be great for you to own 3 pairs of shoes that are of different styles that compliment you attire. These should be of great quality so that they can last a very long time. Long gone are the days of owning one pair of shoes that lasts a lifetime, they just don’t make them like they used to. But you want to get more than a few months out of a pair of shoes!

Brown shoes are only acceptable if you wear jeans to be fair, we are not really a fan of brown shoes. But if that’s your style then we are not going to stop you from having a pair of brown shoes.

There We Have It

So that’s it a quick guide on how to look the part in your work office. These style tips can be implemented anywhere and everywhere. So if you don’t work in an office or want to add a bit of character in your day to day life then you can add these to your everyday attire.

Everyone is unique and individual heck I have a skull print on the inside of my jacket. It’s the style I like and a great talking piece. Let us know your style tips in the comments below.

Regards, Todd

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