So You Want To Grow A Beard – Beard Growing 101

First time Beard grower or just can’t get the basics? Well we are here to help!

Here is our Beard Growing 101 guide! Full of tips, tricks and products that will help ensure you grow the perfect beard! Softer, healthier, softer and much more beard like. If you are a first time grower or have been growing your beard for years, there is always room to learn. Even if you chose to have a short style this guide still applies, don’t neglect the beard!

Rule 1: Make A Plan

Before any man decides to grow a beard, no matter how long or short for that matter the number one rule is to know your face shape. The general understanding is to allow your beard to grow, it will be wild at first and look a mess, but it is best to just let it be wild for a little bit let it gather towards the center of your face, kind of oval in shape.

beard growing 101

If you have a long oblong face you would not want to magnify this by growing a thing long beard so you would want to brush out the beard to make your face look wider. Same as if you had a wide short face you would want to grow the beard down to make the face look more round. This is the aim we want to make the beard look fuller.

Rome Was Not Built In A Day, Neither Was Your Beard!

OK scratch that it doesn’t make that much sense, but I am sure you get the gist of things. Let’s just say a beard won’t grow over night! These things take time. The number one issue with beard growing is that it takes time, and lot’s of it. You might be sat there thinking; “but my beard grows patchy it’s going to look a mess”. Don’t worry we have all been there it get’s better. Take it from all of us here at The Demon Barber Shop your beard will grow it will go through that ugly duckling phase, but once it’s grown past that point and you have followed our beard growing 101 guide you will be happy with the end result. If get good old Todd to give you a clean cut.

Maintenance Is Key this is Not Survivor

There are two types of beard growers, lazy and in charge. Lazy are the guys that just let it grow out, never groom, never cut, never prep. They are heading for an awful beard growing experience. Then there are those who are in charge, they take the time to maintain and look after there beard during the whole growing process.

maintain a healthy beard

If you want to be successul in growing a Good Looking Beard then we recommend you are completely in charge of the whole process. You need to know all about maintenance of your beard. The most important things to look out for are your cheek and neck lines, they must be shaped. This is what in turn gives your bear the overall shape, this is quite important even in the first few weeks.

Now Every man is different so we can’t spoon feed you here. For your cheek line just get in front of the mirror and check where your facial hair grows and cut accordingly, try to shape your beard. You can use a cheap tool known as a beard stenciling tool, this will draw neat lines if you have not got a steady hand.

Now for the harder part your neckline. The best way to do this is how the pros do it get two fingers and lay them just above your Adams apple. Now trim a U shape from behind your ears and jaw to meet in the middle of your neck. That’s it this is your neckline. Not too hard right? Don’t worry you will get the hang of it the more times you do it. This does help over time to help maintain the shape and look of your beard.

Should I Be Taking Supplements

These crops up time and time and time again in the chop shop. But Todd what about beard supplements will they help? How on earth should I know? I just say no. It’s nonsense, mumbo jumbo to push sales. Now if you want to take supplements for your overall health then be my guest, but don’t say it’s for your beard. We don’t push pills here, oils maybe but not pills.

Don’t Neglect A Bit of Beard Scaping

Again this all part of general maintenance when growing a beard. So it’s best to stick at it. Just picture when you get your haircut you might heard the barber tell you they are “texturizing” or laying your hair to make it look decent. Well the same goes for beards. If you let it grow without triming you will have all kinds of hairs and curls poking out. We all have that one stuble hair that just grows a bit odd that needs to be tamed.

how to grow a beard

Well now is your chance to get to really know your beard and look for any hairs that our our of shape but not too much there guys, don’t want to lose all the hard work now do we. You don’t need to go out and buy an expensive trimmer with there are plenty of cheap ones on the market. Like the Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit, Beard Trimmer (8 Pieces) Cheap yet effective at getting the job done.

Don’t Neglect The Bear Condition and Style

This is the main step most men forget. You need to look after your beard. Most men experience itchy, hard, dry beards and that is down to not washing and conditioning the beard. It is important to get this right from the early stages. You don’t need to wash your beard every day but we do recommend putting some oil in there on a morning. Follow our grooming tips below:

  1. Scrub the beard with a beard shampoo, plenty on the market
  2. Apply a conditioner if you have one at hand
  3. towel dry the beard
  4. apply beard oil we normally just beard oil in.

That’s it that is all you need to know on washing and looking after your beard. It doesn’t take too long to do so don’t be lazy and look after your beard. You will end up regretting it if you don’t.

Never Used A Comb Before, Now is the time to start!

Us guys can get away with just rolling out of bed and not bothering to give our hair a second thought, well some of us. Now this is no excuse for your beard, no body wants bed beard.

learn how to grow the perfect beard

It’s important to groom your hair in the morning and at night by the use of a good beard comb. You can pick these up pretty much everywhere now and they are fairly cheap. Heck in the past a simple hair comb will do. The reason why you are doing this is to spread your natural oils of your beard throughout the whole beard. You basically are trying to feed your beard so it doesn’t dry out or create split ends. Brushing can really help shape your beard too so what more reasons do you need to brush that big ole’ bushy beard!

You Don’t Need To Stick With The Same Style of Beard!

Ok, once you know what beard shape is great for your face you can now add some character to it. You don’t need to stick with the same style your whole life you can experiment a little with loads of different beard styles. So go give it a shot and be the best version of you!

Regards, Todd

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