Fitness 101: The Beginners Guide to Keeping Fit and Healthy

Fitness “for dummies” absolute beginner guide.

Here at the Demon Barber Shop we are all about looking after your Mental and Physical health! a sound mind in a sound body. This should be our motto! We have created this guide to help those who have not been paying attention to themselves over the years. If you are the type of bloke that sees more time walking online than in real life, then this guide might be the push in the right direction you have been looking for! So let us begin!

beginners guide to keeping fit

Did you wake you wake up this morning, stumbled across your bedroom floor and fumbled into the bathroom? You stood there looking contemplating whom this figure was, it’s you. The man you are today. Do you like what you see? is this everything you expected or do you think you may have just let yourself go a bit. We are not saying Fat is a bad thing, we all don’t need to be lean and toned but by jolly we need to be fit and healthy! if you were out of breath walking up the stairs this morning, then it’s about time you changed your lifestyle!

Well you are on the right path as you have started reading our Fitness 101: Guide for absolute beginners! or as we like to call it fitness for dummies! (no relation). This is a Demon Barber Shop Guide so expect us to be honest with you! Let us congratulate you on the first step forward, we hope our guide help you find your new improved body/mind no matter how big the improvement, change is change! As we say “Let us help you be the best version of yourself”.

Ok let’s not kid ourselves here, exercise is like a magic pill. It has the potential to cure diseases, help recover from illness and even ward off certain types of cancer. Heck it can even help battle forms of depression. No, this is not some kind of snake oil this is hard hitting facts, there is a reason why people work out and it’s not just to look good, it also helps your health in the long term.

Ok So I want to Start What’s the Catch

Honest? You, you are the catch 😉 jks. Well in a way no, you are the one that has to make this happen. No one else can do this for you, well unless you want surgery and want to pay for a personal trainer. But seriously why would you want to go through all that? This journey is about you, what you want to achieve, be realistic here. If you want to lose a few pounds or perhaps want to be able to run a few 100 yards without running out of breath then our guide is for you. If you want to be ripped to s*** then you would get looking else where. Sorry. But if you want to learn and are willing to start then please do read on!

You need to understand that any boost in physical activity is going to help contribute to weight loss. Let’s face it if you at the same today as you did yesterday, but today for some reason, you chose to work out. Then my friend you would be heading in the right direction and would be burning up more calories thus losing weight, maybe not much to start with, but a great start non the less.

There are plenty of exercise/work out options available to you from dancing (what?) to walking, doing chores, running, biking, climbing and pumping iron. Plus many other ways that you can lose weight, too many to list. The most important thing that we can point out to you is to chose something you love doing and try to make it a habit. So let’s say you love biking, great, now try to squeeze some 1 hour bike rides in 3 times a week? sorted.

So what’s the Numbers Doc?

fitness 101

Well, we don’t claim to be doctors here but the magic number is 30 minutes of moderate exercise on most days of the week so 4 or more days! that’s only 2 hours a week of exercise per week, not much right? Im sure we can all squeeze that much into our weekly activities. Ideally I would prefer you to double that to start with and push to maybe 10 hours per week if you want a good Return on your efforts!

To be honest with you if this is quite hard to achieve we should point out that even doing less than the recommended amount you should still notice small change and feel some of the benefits. Try to walk around for 5 – 10 minutes to start with a few times a week. If you take the bus to work try getting off the stop before and walk the rest.

Right! Im ready, what now?

So you are all set and ready to go you know that you want to start getting fit so let’s begin! Wait hold up, do you have any major health risks? dodgy heart, massively obese? maybe it might be best to check with your doctor first and just find out if he has given you the all clear! If they have, then we can continue! It’s rare for exercise to cause any issues to anyone with medical conditions but it’s always best to double check just to make sure.


There are plenty of exercise programs to chose from dozens of them heck webmd has a full list far too many to chose from right? Well you can follow our basic workout guide towards the end of this page and after that you might have an understanding as to what you like. Just remember to not hit this hard! start with the basics and work your way up “simplify” i.e don’t run for miles walk around the block a few times, don’t lift 500kg, start with more reps of 5kg and build up!

Fitness for Dummies – Fitness Definitions

You may have some knowledge you may not so we have created this list of fitness words and phrases to help you out.

  • Aerobic/cardiovascular activity. This is exercise that increases your heart rate and breathing one of the most important types of exercise. Running, cycling, walking, swimming, and dancing fall in this category.
  • Maximum Heart Rate this can be confusing to some as it is based overall on someones age. You can get your maximum heart rate by taking your age away from 220. Not always accurate but a good place to start non the less.
  • Stretching. Strecthing helps to enhance the movement in your joints, this tends to sieze up and shorten as we get older so it’s quite important to stretch before working out. But please note stretching will not stop you from having a work out related injury. Ensure you are working out correctly and to the limits you can perform the activity.
  • Strength, weight, or resistance training. Designed to improve strength you will find weight lifting falling into this category. Don’t have weights? try push ups instead.
  • Set. this term refers to repeating the same exercise a certain number of times. For example you do 20 sit-ups now you are going to do 5 sets of sit-ups. So you would perform 100 sit-ups.
  • Repetition or “rep.” This is the number of actions performed during a set. Take the example above the rep would be 20, 20 reps of 5 = 100 sit-ups. Confused? yeah, it can be silly at times just refer to a set as completing a set and a rep as individual counts.
  • Warm up. Getting the blood pumping, stretching before performing an an activity.
  • Cool down. This is actually quite important and a lot of people fail to perform this. This is the time in your workout when you need to be calming down and relaxing the body. Simple stretches and such help to lower the heart rate.

Now we have got on with the mumbo jumbo it’s time to begin!

working out

Our Sample Workouts for Beginners

Before you begin your work out/ fitness routine what do we do first? we WARM UP. This is very important as it helps to get the body ready for the activity your going to perform. Do some light stretching then followed by a little job for a minute or so get that heart beating. You don’t need to perform anything intense here and the majority of your stretches are performed after your workout!

Now you are all warmed up there are 3 types of workout activities for you to perform and we recommend over the week you incorporate all 3 of them into your workout this does not mean do it all at the same time!

  • Cardiovascular activity. We are talking about walking or running for up to 30 minutes, 4 times per week! This should be ample for plenty of people but to find out you are working out at the correct level we recommend you perform the talk test. What’s that you may ask? Well try having a conversation with yourself, pretend you are on the phone if you have to. Now if you are running out of breath or becoming winded then you are pushing yourself too hard but if you can perform a full song then of course get running!
  • Strength conditioning. Start by doing one set of exercises targeting each of the major muscle groups. Aim for 8 – 12 sets comfortably. Once this becomes easy to achieve increase the weight of your sets. Perform this twice a week and never target the same area day after day your muscles need a rest day!
  • Flexibility training. Simple stretches for a few minutes a day is ideal it will help you limber up day to day.

Struggling to perform the task right or worried you are doing it all wrong? Seek advice from a personal trainer or perhaps visit your local gym some gyms offer a free lesson! take advantages guys.

how to work out for dummies

Home Exercise Equipment

I am not a fan of the gym personally it’s become a culture thing. About 20 years ago it was all good, people were friendly it was a good community now it’s being a cess pit of self love. Crazy I will go to the gym perhaps twice a month if that and that’s only for intense workouts. Other than that I have equipment at home and if you are not gym bunny or fan of it you too can also purchase equipment to use in the home.

But please remember you can cause serious injury if you perform exercises incorrectly so always make sure you are doing it right!

Here are some popular items you can use:

  • Treadmill. Don’t like the outdoor? or perhaps want to perform a run in your home then the treadmill is your perfect choice! Heck want some fresh air? put it next to a window, put some music on and run for 30 minutes.
  • Free weights. Barbells and dumbbells make up this category of strength-training equipment. Dumbbells are recommended for beginners. These can be found all over the place remember to start small!
  • Other strength training equipment. You can get hold of special work benches for this best to start off with a simple bench and some weights and build up. This can become an expensive hobby though!
  • Exercise ball. Hard for beginners do your research first great workout non the less!
  • Exercise videos and DVDs. Tons of these on the market but we always recommend you watch the video first before performing the work out so you know how to perform each action. Doing it as you go will end up in an accident.

We do hope our brief guide has helped you learn the basics of working out. We are all about mental health here and the smallest amount of exercise should help out in the long wrong not just for your physical health but your mental one too!

regards, Todd

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