Here at The Demon Barber Shop, we’re determined to making life a little easier for you guys out there. What started off as a “chop shop” on ways to make you guys look great with hair styles and beard grooming tips to suite your style, soon spiraled out of control to everything you see today. So now not only do you have the hair and maybe the beard but now you have the style and help to go with it too!

Here at The Demon Barber Shop we embrace modern man! So we want you to feel confident in looking after yourself and not being afraid to let the world know you are the best version of you. Our website contains loads of different articles and how to guides on how you can be the best man of your life.


We are not going to sugar coat this so if your easily offended don’t read on… We are “Real Men” here at The Demon Barber Shop we are not paid article writers or ex “fancy columnists” we are just regular real men. So we aim to offer you hard hitting articles, will you be offended? Maybe, will you love it, maybe not? But will it be honest, hell yeah! If we recommend a product to you it’s because we use it and we are not scared to give awful reviews either!

Most Male Grooming sites out there encourage men to be a bit more in touch with there feminine side, well we think that is a load of nonsense! Be in touch with what’s right for you. If you want to be manly and rugged that’s you if you want to over groom that’s you! Be you! We are not here to tell you how to live you life but how you can take the steps to make it better, based on your style and personal preferences.

So to all you guys out there why not make today the day you step up and become a man, become the best version of you!

Regards, Todd